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Dental Implants In Tallahassee Infection Preventive Tips


4 Tips to Avoid Infection Following Dental Implant Treatment

When you’ve finally had your dental implant (or implants) placed, the last thing you want to be thinking about is the potential risk of them failing. Thankfully, the likelihood of this happening is extremely low due to modern advancements in implant technology over the years. With that said, you will still need to make sure you’re taking proper care of them after they are placed. To learn how to reduce your risk for infected dental implants in Tallahassee and ensure they remain healthy for many decades as intended, keep reading!

Rinse Your Mouth Out Regularly

Oral wounds are far more prone to developing an infection while they are still healing, which mean it’s especially important to keep it clean day to day after the implant is placed. By rinsing it every day, you can keep harmful bacteria at bay. To do this, you can use a recommended oral rinse from the doctor that placed the implant or a saltwater mixture. During the first few days after surgery, you should be rinsing your mouth several times a day. This will work to both remove bacteria and promote healing of the treatment site.

Stay on Top of Your Dental Visits

Even if you do not begin to notice any signs of an infected dental implant (i.e. inflammation, looseness of the implant, pain while chewing, or receding gums around the implant), you’ll still want to continue regular follow-up visits with the doctor that performed your surgery. For example, they may request that you come in once every few weeks following treatment. In the event that underlying problems appears, it will be easier to take preventive measures.

Manage Your Diet While Healing

Certain food and beverages can increase the amount of harmful bacteria inside the mouth. For example, you should avoid eating or drinking anything that is high in sugar. These types of foods can also leave behind particles quite easily, leaving your implant at higher risk of infection. Keep in mind that this is only for the healing phase of treatment when the implant is most vulnerable.

Additionally, you should never under any circumstances use tobacco products while the implant is healing (or after it’s fully healed for that matter.)

Commit to Strict Oral Hygiene

It’s true that restorations attached to implants cannot develop decay, but that doesn’t mean the gum tissue can’t still become infected and cause an implant to fail. This makes daily oral care (i.e. brushing and flossing) essential. When brushing or flossing, make sure to be very careful around the surgical area. During your follow-up appointments, the doctor will be able to confirm if your at-home oral hygiene is sufficiently protecting your tooth replacement.

Whether you’re receiving a single dental implant or a series of them to hold dentures in Tallahassee, keeping these tips in mind will ensure no infections develops following your surgery!

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