Tooth Pain

How can I stop tooth pain fast?

Many patients are concerned with getting their tooth pain taken care of very quickly. This is understandable because dental pain can be very significant and come on almost instantaneously. Our goal is to get the patient in quickly so we can assess the area and make sure appropriate treatment is rendered.

What is the longest lasting solution for tooth pain?

The longest lasting solution for tooth pain is to address the root cause. The actual treatment needed may depend on the clinical situation. Sometimes something as simple as a cavity being removed and replaced with a filling may identify the problem. If the nerve of the tooth is involved, a procedure known as a root canal may be needed. If a tooth needs to be taken out and removed, then unfortunately we need to remove the tooth and look at tooth replacement options. The key to permanently relieving dental pain is to identify and address the underlying cause.

What are the most common dental reasons for tooth pain and how can a dentist help me find relief?

The most common dental reasons for tooth pain are cavities and tooth cracks. Less common causes include gum disease and hypersensitivity. A dental professional can provide relief by diagnosing and treating the underlying cause of the pain.

What are some common non-dental reasons for tooth pain?

Non-dental reasons for tooth pain include conditions associated with the nervous system or myalgias that affect areas in the mouth, even though the cause of the pain does not originate from a tooth.

Why might I be experiencing a constant dull toothache?

A constant dull toothache may indicate an issue with the nerve of the tooth or an unaddressed cavity.

What should I do about extreme or unbearable tooth pain?

If you're experiencing extreme or unbearable tooth pain, it's crucial to see a dental professional as soon as possible to diagnose and treat the problem.

Is it normal to experience tooth pain after some dental procedures?

It's not uncommon to experience some sensitivity or discomfort following certain dental procedures. However, if you're experiencing significant, long-term pain after a procedure, you should consult your dental professional to ensure the issue is addressed.

What can be done if I'm experiencing pain near dental implants, a bridge, or dentures?

If you're experiencing pain near dental implants, bridges, or dentures, it's important to consult a dental professional to ensure any disease process or infection near the area is being addressed.

What can I do at home to help alleviate tooth pain?

At-home remedies like store-bought products such as oral gel can provide temporary relief for minor tooth pain. However, it's still important to see a dental professional for a lasting solution.

Can a dentist help me find a permanent solution to tooth pain?

At Periodontics and Implant Dentistry of Tallahassee, our goal is to provide comprehensive care and help our patients find permanent solutions to their dental issues.

How soon can I schedule an appointment to treat tooth pain?

If you have an acute dental issue, please call us at (850) 909-9731 to schedule a visit as soon as possible. We look forward to serving you.