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Healthy Gums

Why are healthy gums so important?

The reason why healthy gums are so important is because the gums and the surrounding bone around the teeth are one of the protective structures around your dentition. If we want to keep our teeth and mouth healthy, the surrounding structures have to be there in a similar way that the foundation has to be set correctly for a home.

How can I tell if my gums are healthy or unhealthy?

Many times it's very difficult to see if your gums are actually healthy or unhealthy. Signs or symptoms that can indicate issues include bleeding of the gums, redness or puffiness of the gums, or pain when you brush and floss. Many other signs and symptoms can only be seen by a doctor with x-rays and in-office treatments.

What causes unhealthy gums?

Most problems associated with unhealthy gums typically relate to bacteria that is in the mouth. The bacteria stays on the side of the tooth and continues to attack the body, causing additional issues over time.

Can unhealthy gums be fixed?

Yes, unhealthy gums can be fixed or managed with correct treatments in the office.

What is involved in the process of deep cleaning?

The process of deep cleaning is different from regular cleaning because there are gum issues that are below the surface that require specific tools to get farther below the gum tissues. In a deep cleaning, the patient's typically given some type of numbing to ensure comfort throughout the entire process.

Why does it take more than one sitting for a dental cleaning?

The number of sittings required for the actual dental cleaning procedure depends on how much work is being done. Many times in a deep cleaning, the procedure can last up to three to four hours in total. To ensure patient comfort, we typically break that up into two different settings.

Is deep dental cleaning painful?

One of our main goals with a deep dental cleaning is to make sure that the patient is comfortable throughout the process. We make sure that the patient is numbed up to prevent any major discomfort.

What are the best ways to take care of my gums at home after a deep dental cleaning?

The most important step after we do a deep dental cleaning is to make sure the patient is able to brush and floss correctly twice a day, particularly at night before you go to sleep.

At what point is gum grafting necessary?

Gum grafting is typically needed if the gum process of recession, which is the gum coming away off of the side of the tooth, has gotten beyond the point of it being more than a 50-50 chance of it continuing to progress.

How can I schedule a dental appointment?

If you're ready to schedule a visit, please feel free to give us a call at (850) 909-9731.

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