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Cost of Dental Implants – Tallahassee, FL

What Can You Expect to Pay?

There’s no one answer when it comes to the ultimate price of dental implants. The procedure will be different for everybody depending on their situation, and as such the cost will vary as well. At the start of the process, Dr. Rasmussen will schedule an in-person consultation in order to examine and discuss the various factors that could affect the final amount you’ll pay. Call Periodontics & Implant Dentistry now to start the implant process and learn the true cost of a complete smile. 

Types of Dental Implants

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The first question we’ll need to answer is: how many teeth are missing? A single implant is enough to fill in a single gap, but when you’ve lost multiple teeth, the exact number of posts you’ll need depends on the situation. Two dental implants and a fixed bridge can replace 3 to 6 teeth in a row. If an entire arch is gone, full dentures can be supported by as few as 4 implants. Obviously, the exact number of implants needed and the kind of prosthetic tooth or teeth they support have a significant influence on the final cost of the procedure.

What are the Stages of Dental Implant Treatment?

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During your consultation, Dr. Rasmussen will lay out the different stages involved in the process and explain how much you can expect to pay for each. You can normally expect the procedure to involve surgery to place the implants as well as the attachment of an abutment; receiving prosthetic teeth is usually the final step and can take multiple visits. Keep in mind that some patients will need to pay for additional treatments. Implants are more likely to fail if you don’t have enough bone density in your jaw or if your gums are currently infected; such oral health issues need to be taken care of before anything else.

Are Dental Implants Worth the Investment?

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While dental implants initially seem to cost more than other kinds of tooth replacement, they’re certainly worth the price. Not only do they look and feel natural while letting you chew all your favorite foods, but they can also prevent resorption in the jaw (the natural consequence of losing teeth).

Unlike other restorations, dental implants can potentially last the rest of your life. This can make them the most cost-effective option since you won’t have to pay for new ones nearly as often. Of course, if you want to make sure you get the most of your investment, you should make sure your implants are being placed by an expert; fortunately, Dr. Rasmussen is a board-certified periodontist who is well experienced in performing this particular procedure.

Does My Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

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Many plans won’t pay for implants, but others might; it all depends on who your carrier is. Bear in mind that even if your insurance won’t pay for the posts themselves, it may help cover certain related procedures such as treatment for gum disease. Our practice offers in-network savings, but we’re more than happy to file a claim for an out-of-network provider or offer third-party financing through CareCredit.